Nail Polish Flowers – Part Three

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Nail Polish Flowers – Part One
Nail Polish Flowers – Part Two
Nail Polish Flowers – Part Three (You Are Here)

Creating with wire and nail polish

Now that you have learned how to make nail polish flowers using method 1 and method 2, it is time to see what you can use all these cute flowers for and see what designs are possible!

A nail polish flower formed into a ring

My number one suggested use for your new trinkets is jewelry:

  • Twist the stem into a circle and close off at the base of the flower for a cute summertime ring.
  • Trim the stem and make a loop, then string onto a chain for a flashy necklace.
  • Integrate a loop into your design to make pendants in all sorts of other shapes. Here is my geometric charms:

Geometric charms made with nail polish and wire

Now where there is jewelry, there is also hair accessories:

  • Hot glue or use wire to twist on a design to a head band. Just be sure not to make it so it snags your hair! OUCH!
  • Hot glue the design to a bobby pin or hair clip by the stem (or any non-polish part) for a dash of spring in your hair.

DIY butterfly headband

But I cannot leave it at just accessories, heck I don’t even wear that many accessories! So here are some other uses that you might not have thought about:

  • Wrap florists or painters green tape around the stems of several flowers and put into a vase for a “bouquet”
  • Join 3 or more stems and glue onto a notebook for a 3-d cover design
  • Use to decorate gift boxes, cards, etc.

Creating cute decor with nail polish and wire

Now, as mentioned in part two, the second method of making flowers gives you more opportunity to tinker and make shapes other than just flowers. It was with this method that I made my butterfly and charms. If you want to use this nail polish method for some other design, here are some tips:

Nail polish and wire flowers - DIY Tutorial

  1. Having two polished areas bordering on one piece of wire is difficult to manage. Paint the areas as separate pieces instead and then link them together with a smaller gauge of wire.
  2. You cannot have any moving parts within a polished area because this will cause breakage. Instead, add a section without polish that the moving parts can attach to like this bird’s wings:
  3. Minimize the number of crossed or wrapped wires inside the polished area. While it is possible to polish the area when there are crossed wires, it tends to be more difficult.

Nail polish and wire necklace


Be sure to share what you create with any of the methods used in this tutorial.
I would love to see what you all come up with!

Nail Polish Flowers – Part Two

Nail Polish Flowers – Part One

Nail Polish Flowers – Part Two (You Are Here)

Nail Polish Flowers – Part Three (Coming Soon)

Nail Polish Flowers Tutorial

Time for part two of the nail polish flower series. This time I will be showing you how to make flowers using the second method which yields larger flowers. This method also gives you more options for experimentation and I will give you a sneak peak at some of the possibilities that you will see in the next installment of the series.

Tools you need for the nail polish flowerFirst of all, all of the supplies are the same from part one so head over there to make sure you are set up

Cut the wire to your desired length. Again I suggest starting with a 6” or 15 cm portion of 20 gauge wire. This give lots of room for the flower frame and is more forgiving than the 26 gauge when it comes to making mistakes.


Start by forming the first of your petals. Simply create a tear-drop or circular shape and twist once to secure.

Forming a Wire Petal

Then use your pliers to tightly wrap one wire around the other.

Forming Wire Petals

After wrapping, start on your next petal using the same method.

Making Wire Flowers

Repeat until your desired number of petals are complete.

Forming Wire Flowers

Then it is time to make twist off your petals and make a “stem.” For this, twist the two protrusions of wire together as close to the petals as necessary it make it look flush. Then use the pliers to continue that twist down the stem.

Twisting the stem for wire flowers

Frame of a Wire Flower

Now apply the nail polish as with part one of this tutorial. You can add additional coats as needed and once dry you can manipulate the petals to look more realistic.

Nail Polish Flowers Tutorial

Now one reason I prefer this method is it has more versatility. Since it relies on basic wire wrapping techniques, you can make nearly ANY design. In the image below you can see some of the other designs I have been trying out like a butterfly, a pendant, leaves, and a heart (not pictured).

Creating with wire and nail polish

In two weeks the third and final installation of this nail polish flower tutorial will be out. It will cover what you can make with all these lovely designs and showcase some of my non-flower designs.


If you make a nail polish and wire item and want it featured in the next post, EMAIL ME at or find me on social media. I will select my favorites and share them will everyone.