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About the Author

I’m Emily Marie, or just Emily, and I am the author of A Pop of Red: A blog showcasing my DIY, food and life experiments. Want to learn a little about me? Then read on!

Me and my siblings, the strongest relationships I have

I grew up in a small city north of Toronto, in cottage country. I grew up with three siblings in a big white house complete with garage and garden. Since our parents often put us to work on various projects we all became makers in our own way. Much of my quirkiness also comes from my family, especially my siblings. We are a crazy bunch but that makes life fun!

I moved to Ottawa in September of 2010 to attend university, but fell in love with the city and plan to make it my home. Along for the ride is Mark, my DH by common law rights. He met me in high school (though we didn’t date until after he left for college) and moved to Ottawa in 2011 to live with me in our little apartment. He does some making of his own but more on the technology side but he does enjoy taste testing my food experiments.

*He also thinks I am crazy, and he is right!

My Making

I love to make things, anything really, but I prefer to make things that have a use. That’s why I call myself a utilitarian DIYer. Food and fashion are my usual exceptions to the “use rule” because they are just plain fun! I have dabbled in everything: sewing, paper crafting, woodworking, jewelry making, wire wrapping, cooking, baking, mountain climbing, and so much more.

Whatever I make or do is usually more of an experiment. I am not a master at anything. Until recently I couldn’t crack an egg, my bobbin and I have a love/hate relationship, and my craft box is filled with memories of failed projects. But I laugh at all the failures and enjoy the experimentation process. Here on A Pop of Red you will see the experiments that worked out and that I want YOU to experiment with!

Sneak peak of what is to come

The Blog

So what can you get from my blog? Well, I want to convince others to experiment with projects and activities and not be scared off if the first try doesn’t work out. Posts will center on the ideas of life, DIY and food. I will try to include tutorials and recipes as often as possible so you can follow along so please share your inspired twists with me.

A Pop of Red

A Pop of Red

Why did I choose the name “A Pop of Red?” Well, I did not want to limit my posting options so having a blog title that directly relates to specifically life, food, or DIY did not work. So I decided to pick something that is present in all those things for me: a pop of red.

Red is my favorite colour to accent my work with. The highlight of my living room: my red couch. The highlight of my wardrobe: my red dresses. The highlight of my kitchen: my red cookware. A pop of red is always in my life and it seems to reflect my philosophy of injecting energy into the everyday. So flip through the blog posts, find something you like, try it and put your whole self into the project. If you come away with a smile and enjoyed the experience, I have done what I wanted to do with “A Pop of Red.”

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