Our Relationship: a Tickle Fight and a Maybe

It all started with a maybe.

And a tickle fight.

That just about sums up how my relationship with my husband started.

Our Relationship - The Beginning

You see, we knew each other in high school but I was in a different relationship during my high school years. Some of my evenings would be spent at his house with the guys playing video games and Magic the Gathering, eating pizza, staying up late. It was a great friendship. I enjoyed the times at his place and the nerd atmosphere which was lacking at school and home.

Our relationship - Not afraid of dirt

My high school relationship was going great and my future husband sadly got little notice from me other than as a friend. But one day, my relationship just… ended. It was mutual but it still sucked. It was around that time my husband started hitting on me, not that I realized it. I’m really bad at taking hints. (My husband would LOVE to emphasize that point!)

View from our favorite place

Since it was my victory lap, I was in less classes than usual and had lots of free time. My future husband was actually in his first year of college at this point and so he had some time of his own. So we hung out even more with the guys. I started hanging out with them more and more, and not just on the late nights but day outings as well. Until one day, our communal best friend Brian couldn’t make it to a planned video game night. I was alone with my future husband but still as oblivious as ever.

Our Relationship - Moving On OutThe night started as usual. Some gaming, some laughter, some food. After a while we were getting quite competitive in a game, Forza in fact, and started sabotaging each other. You know, throwing pillows at the controller, blocking the others view, pushing the other around trying to mess up their controls. And we ended up tickling each other in an attempt to win.

Our relationship - Volunteering at 7am

But, close contact like that with all the associated laughter, tend to make you reflect on how close you actually are to someone. So he chose that time to say “Do you think you and I could…” I was caught a bit off guard, I mean, I was not planning on starting a relationship just months before heading away to university. So I replied with “Maybe.

Our relationship - PaintballingYup, the last thing anyone wants to hear. It is probably even worse than a no since the person has literally no idea what is going through your mind! But that is all I gave him.

His reaction…

He kissed me.

He won that tickle fight. With a tender kiss and an evening of laughter, he won me over.

So that is it. That is how my relationship with my husband started. With a tickle fight and a maybe.


How did your relationship start? Did you commit fully or give a maybe to start things off? I’d love to hear other people experiences but no matter what,

I am glad that this story…is mine ours!

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