Who is this woman?

Who is this blogger? A question I always ask myself when doing some late night blogosphere browsing. A quick trip to the about page and a couple of lifestyle posts later and I usually have an idea. You see, it is important to me to find what I have in common with a blogger and I think many readers want the same. So I want to start with a grand introduction to who I really am. I want to readers to find ways to connect with me.

That's Me!

How to learn about me in three easy steps

Step 1: Go the about page and give that a read.

Step 2: Read the rest of this post for a more in depth view.

Step 3: Check back on Thursdays for more stories about my life.

So without further ado…


What is your family and career status?

I am actually in a common law relationship with my husband and we have no children (and no immediate plans for any). Since we are still quite young (both 23) we have time to decide whether any children will join our little family of 2. So while I may love touring mom blogs, I am not a mommy blogger myself.

As for career, I am one semester away from finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Economics and International Development (in December 2014 I will have graduated). While in school I also worked a mix of part-time and co-op/intern jobs. Thankfully there are talks about my current co-op job becoming permanent after graduation. As for what I do, I am a data analyst/statistician for an employer that shall remain unnamed for now.

What are your views on faith?

A collection of religious items

I grew up in a Roman Catholic family BUT view myself as an agnostic. I prefer to keep myself open to all possibilities and love the beauty that accompanies the faith I see in others every day. I also choose to learn about other religions and faiths because I feel it is important to understand the views of others.

With that said, within my blogging there will likely be no specifically faith based posts and I will typically avoid using overtly religious language such as “I am blessed…” or “Thank the Lord.” It just is not something I feel reflects me though it certainly is not something I am against.

Are you an urbanite or a country girl?

Currently living in a more urban area but I avoid city life. I probably fit in more with the suburban side of things. But when I need to relax I head to the country or at least head into nature, I never lost my love of the wild when I moved from cottage country to the city.

Flats or Heels? Pants or Skirt?

Cute black flats

Flats…better yet, running shoes. I dislike heels and only wear them when I feel it has some benefit (like no other shoe in my closet works with an outfit). I would rather be in the most comfortable pair of shoes I own regardless of fashion.

Pants. I do like to wear dresses on occasion but I never truly feel comfortable in them. To put it simply, I am not exactly a fashionista. While I do enjoy the art that is fashion, I prefer to wear clothes that function well in all scenarios, not that look pretty.


Are there questions you would like to ask me? I am always willing to answer reader questions. Just use social media with the hashtag #apopofFAQ or send me an email.

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